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Mile End Mill, Abbey Mill Business Centre
Mile End Mill building, Abbey Mill Business Centre, view from Seedhill Road


Constituents regularly ask me for my personal view, and my party's position, on many vital issues that concern them. Each matter and the subsequent response differ depending on the issue to be discussed or debated, but the underlying values in our commitments today are those which have guided us throughout the last century; 
• social justice
• strong community and strong values
• reward for hard work
• decency
• rights matched by responsibilities

If you want to find our more about my party, see the Labour Party website, or the Scottish Labour Party webite.

Most people who contact me are worried about jobs - keeping their job, or desperate to get a job. Benefit cuts, debt problems, feeding and clothing families, fuel costs simply to keep warm in their homes. These are some of the main worries people highlight to me regularly at surgeries.

However, in 2014 the people of Scotland have an additional question to consider. They are being asked to make the biggest decision in 300 years as the Scottish Government bring forward their Independence Referendum. It is a decision that could change us, and the rest of the United Kingdom, forever. I am asked continuously about my position on this matter, and I have confirmed I am passionately committed to the United Kingdom remaining as one Union as we stronger together. To find out why, take a look at Better Together and United with Labour.

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