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Great to be able to meet with the Kirk's Moderator yesterday evening to discuss the church's \"Imagining Scotland's Future\" initiative.
Palace of Westminster - how to find us

Visit Westminster

Visit and Tours of the Parliament 

Parliament is open to the public through a variety of different programmes and events. Guided tours take visitors into both the Commons and Lords chambers and historic Westminster Hall. Visitors can also attend debates in both Houses and watch committee hearings.
If you are travelling to London and would like to visit the Palace of Westminster, when the House is sitting for business, my office can arrange Member tours. A climb of the Clock Tower/Big Ben can also be arranged. These tours are free of charge. To arrange a tour, please call us on 0141 561 0333. Early booking is most advisable.

In some instances, we can also arranges tickets to the public gallery, subject to availability.  

When the House is in recess, bank holidays, all Saturdays, and during the summer break, Parliament's arrangements for tours are different. These tours are arranged through a professional event company and a charge does apply.

Further full tour information details for all can be found on the Parliament website.

See a layout map, including public transport inofrmation.

Video tours of Parliament

Parliament has developed a series of short video tours providing information on the work of the House of Commons and the House of Lords and featuring its history, art and architecture. So if you can't manage a trip to London you can still take a video-tour or take a look through the online virtual tours.

Education Service For schools

The Education service runs a outreach service, with good resource material and points of interest including video material. They can organise a school visit. Schools from all parts of the UK are welcome and encouraged. It must of course be noted that Education in Scotland is devolved to the Scottish Parliament therefore some of the resource material will not apply directly to Scottish schools. There is still some great historic information for school pupils though at the Parliament Education Service.
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